Sponsor a Greyt Bed for a Greyt Rescue - Greyt Sweaters

I am making soft beds to donate to Greyhound & Lurcher Rescues that care for their hounds in kennels, and had an overwhelming response when I posted about my idea on the Greyt Sweaters FB page.

I do not wish to make any profit from this, but cannot cover the cost of fabrics and postage myself. Therefore I had an idea to ask for supporters to Sponsor a Bed for £20. This would mean anyone kind enough to pay £20 will mean I make a bed and send to a rescue on their behalf.

It takes me a whole day to make one bed, and so far have made 14 beds, 6 already sent, and a further 8 finished and which will all have been donated to The Celia Cross Greyhound Trust.

If you wish to Sponsor a Bed and pay the £20 I will make the bed, send you a photo of the finished bed and info as to which Rescue your bed will be sent to. Your name will be given to the Rescue so they know who kindly paid for the bed to be made by me. If you wish your bed to go to a particular rescue that is absolutely fine, just let me know.

In this way I hope to help many rescue hounds be warm and comfy in their kennel, and so far have had such a positive reaction to my idea.